IMAGINE VISUAL SERVICE is a wide format digital imaging company focused on the needs of companies who demand the highest quality reproduction.

Imagine Visual Service has its roots in high-end prepress color, which gives us a definitive edge over our competition in terms of image quality, color accuracy and customer service.

We provide imaging for retail POP, trade show, event and fleet projects.

We also provide end-to-end solutions including production design, premedia, project management, finishing, kitting, fulfillment, nationwide installation and online asset management.

Our mission is to partner with our clients to provide them with a superior experience; offering them outstanding quality, flawless execution and phenomenal customer service.


IMAGINE COLOR SERVICE is your off-site visual content solution. Thanks to the latest connective and remote technologies, we can be your on-shore, in-house solution, located just around the corner in Seattle. Our combined 80 years of premedia experience and dedication to industry advancements and our clients, is a sure combination you can count on.

When you choose Imagine as your visual content provider for web, print or other campaigns, our highest priority will be to ensure your visual assets are represented to your exact specifications on budget and on schedule. Imagine's service and attention to detail throughout your project or campaign is unmatched. We will immerse our staff to the level and degree required to ensure and support your vision and objectives. Imagine employs highly trained and accomplished specialists across multiple disciplines as well as state-of-the-art digital technology to ensure that we produce the best results possible, all at extremely competitive rates.

We offer the kind of personal service you won't find anywhere else. Imagine's team of account managers, color analysts and production staff is available to take your project from start to finish, focusing on your scheduling requirements and quality specifications. You can offload a myriad of tasks to us, such as organize your media on our asset management site, so you can be more productive anywhere in the world.


We recently responded to the needs of the market by offering e-catalog, Smartphone apps, HTML email marketing and social networking support to our repertoire.

IMAGINE MEDIA SERVICE came to be in Fall 2009 and has energized our entire staff to start envisioning what we can do next. We're fortunate that the high volume of visual content that passed through our doors gave us so much to work with. We're also thrilled to have a great core group of professionals ready to tackle the new workflows and process these new projects demand.

While working with our clients, we are looking for ways to support and strengthen their brands with the quality and consistency that goes into every one of our projects.

Give us a call and let's talk about what you're dreaming of doing. We can assemble a team to make that dream a reality.


Originally collaborating to create a "better place to work", the Imagine Managing Partners have weathered the current fiscal storm by strategically working with our clients and vendors as true partners, showing the foresight in adjusting to our clients needs by diversifying Imagine's service offerings.

Michael Anderson, Managing Partner

Michael's background spans many aspects of the prepress industry, from proofing, pre-electronic color editing and scanning, to managing client accounts and overseeing production. A veteran of the industry with more than 20 years of experience, Michael knows that the key to success is people. He strives to support and empower each employee to make decisions that exceed client expectations.

Jean Schier, Chief Financial Officer & Managing Partner

Experienced in finance, Human Resources and 25+ years in the visual content business, Jean brings a unique skill set to the Management Team. While Jean possesses an exceptional combination of skills with both numbers and people, she never confuses the two. She strives to assist employees, clients and vendors alike with confidence, grace and professionalism.

Andrew Larson, Managing Partner

Andy was trained in the rich analog environment, working both in prepress and printing facilities. He has evolved with the industries technologies and is Imagine's liaison for software, equipment and technical client support. His experience working at a printing facility has proven to be invaluable, providing an insider's view of press requirements. Andy thrives on a challenge and revels in accomplishing the impossible.

Ron Eggers, Managing Partner

In his former life as a client, Ron learned how various companies and vendors treated their customers. In the early '90s, he decided it was time to round-out his color reproduction repertoire and became a service provider, immersing himself in the leading edge of prepress and digital image editing. With an unmatched passion for color, Ron has an extraordinary ability to find a way to represent every shade in the spectrum.


Imagine's work environment attracts highly skilled individuals who enjoy what they do. We are staffed to handle any and all customer requests. Adjusting our schedule as the workload requires, we employ the highest quality technicians and staff to most efficiently produce our customers' projects correctly, on time and within budget.


We employ experienced specialists in:

  • IT
  • Admin
  • Preflight
  • Image Editing
  • Color Analysis
  • Process Control
  • Document Formatting & Assembly
  • Digital Printing
  • Mounting/Finishing
  • Collation/Packing/Shipping
  • Project Management
  • Sales and Account Management
  • Marketing
  • Programming
  • Web Design
  • Design


At Imagine, we feel very lucky to do what we love for a living, and we recognize that not everyone is as fortunate. Through our life experiences and relationships, we've met people and discovered causes we want to support. Part of our philosophy as a company is to give back to our community. We encourage each other to contribute time and talent to causes and issues we care about. In the past, we have supported the organizations below by raising money for them, donating supplies and creating collateral for their endeavors.

Many experts say it makes good business sense to support community organizations. To us, it just makes sense. In fact, we can't Imagine it any other way.

Learn more about the causes Imagine supports by clicking on the links below.